From: SkyWriting <>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 15:00:26 EST
Subject: Lutsen

My friends and I skiied Lutsen on Dec. 6&7. We had a great time! Even though they only had three mountains open (Mystery Mt was closed) and 21 runs, we all had a blast.

I just started skiing last December, and I went down all the open black diamonds as soon as we started skiing. The snow was powdery, and there was barely any ice patches. They had snow machines on a lot of runs, and I think they could have opened those runs that weekend if they groomed them. I could see why they might have been afraid of another melt down.

As on Sunday the 7th, the temp climbed and the sun was shining brightly. I rented brand new shaped skis, and the staff were very helpful. One of my only complaints was that there were a lot of arrogant skiers there. You would probably find that at any other place too, but I been to three other ski areas and it wasn't as much as a problem as here.

People would stop on a black diamond, wait around, and you are skiing down it, fast. Then they decide to go again and cross the slope without looking up and you are coming down at full force. Then they yell at you and give you the finger and all you did was ski the slope.

One of my friends fell on the black, lost her skis and poles, and slid down the hill without them. Some people picked them up, threw them in a pile, and didn't even ask if she was okay, when there was blood all over her face. She finished skiing the hill, waited at the lift, off to the side with her skis off, for us.

People said to her she shouldn't black diamond if she didn't know how. She has been skiing for 10 years!! She fell because it was an accident, not because she is a beginner. Anyways, the lift personnel were very polite and upbeat, and the runs were great.

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