This is a complete list of all of my web pages. I've made this page to eliminate the need for following a sequence of links to get to the desired page

Ways you can give me your money

Water Purifier information and sales
Computer training, sales, Installation, etc.
Various things for sale


Family and Friends on the net
My home page
My resume
Minnesota Downhill Ski Areas
Local events - bands/bars, etc.
Quotes, etc.. collection
My WWW hotlist/bookmarks

Genealogy and family members on the 'net

My mom and dad and all my siblings are on the net:
Lise // Louise // Erich // Ed // Wayne // Steve
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My genealogy page

Bertsch genealogy
Bertsch death index
Bertsch phone listings and addresses

Eidsmoe genealogy
Eidsmoe death index
Noland Eidsmoe's web site
Tom Eidsmoe's home page
John Eidsmoe's freelance photography page

Quirk genealogy
Quirk death index

Rastetter genealogy
Rastetter death index

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